Slick's Barbershop Window Art Mural_25

Lettering & Exterior Design

Due to the competitive nature of the beauty industry, Slick’s Barbershop wanted to make a unique approach to utilising the power of social media. The aim was to enhance the company’s business by creating an enticing design that intrigues customers. A design that would go viral through social media and help build upon their growing reputation as one of Scotland’s leading barbershops.

Therefore the idea was to create a unique lettering design technically crafted by hand that resembles a vintage barbershop style with a modern twist for the barbershop’s front window.

Client: Eric Begg

Slick’s Barbershop Window Art Mural_04
Slick’s Barbershop Window Art Mural_02
Slick's Barbershop Window Art Mural_04
Slick's Barbershop Window Art Mural_06
Slick's Barbershop Window Art Mural_16